Owner Carolyn Grace Ranch

The Grace Ranch story

Carolyn Walker grew up in the Central Valley with horses, puppies, kittens and agriculture all around. After going to college in the Bay Area and raising her children there, she went in search of an idyllic setting to recall her childhood loves. Her search took her to Sonoma County and Sebastopol, where she found a big red barn, an olive orchard, an old converted farmhouse and enough room for horses, dogs, chickens and endless visitors. She converted an old dairy building to an art studio, and, with many trails nearby to hike, and the ocean just a few minutes away, life couldn’t be sweeter in West Sonoma County.

Carolyn's daughter, Jordan Shaw, is the creator of Sevenkind, a lifestyle brand which features her creations in food, design, photography, and creative & personal growth retreats.  She can take credit for much of the inspiration and creation of Grace Cottage on the River.  She spends part of her time in the East Bay sharing her talents with Elsie Green, collaborates with creatives all over the Bay Area, and spends as much time as possible at Grace Ranch.  You can follow her on Instagram @sevenkind